Dalma – Mother of pulse

Dalma has a special place in Odisha, worshiped as the mother of pulses. Interestingly, this delicious dalma prasad is also offered to Lord Jagannath as part of religious ritual


Pakhala – A refreshing delight

Pakhala Bhata, a refreshing and cold dish, is enjoyed not only in Odisha but also in Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam and Chhattisgarh, each region adding its own unique flavor to it.


Ghanta – A festive mix of vegetable

Ghanta is a festive dish that is prepared by combining a variety of vegetables, resulting in a fusion of taste and nutrients. It is a favorite dish during festivals and holds a special place in the hearts of Odia people.


Besra – Mustard Magic

Mustard seeds play an important role in Oriya cuisine, and besra is a prime example of their versatile use.


Saga – Embracing Green Goodne

The saga takes center stage with great gusto in the Oriya plate. This delicious dish is prepared with green leafy vegetables and is loved with rice or chapati.


Khatta – The iconic Orissa Chutney

Khatta, the famous chutney of Odisha, pleases the taste buds with its tangy goodness. Tangy chutney, which is easy to prepare at home, combines the Flavors of Tomato, ginger, pomegranate and Molasses.