Shimla tourism: Struggling between heavy rains and lack of tourist inflow

Shimla Tourism: Struggles Amid Heavy Rains and Decreased Tourist Inflow

Recent heavy rains in Shimla have hit tourism, leaving roads deserted and businesses struggling. Find out the challenges faced by tourism businessmen and shopkeepers due to the decline in the number of tourists. Find out how horse handlers and photographers are affected, and learn about Shimla’s outlook for the tourism industry. Despite the setbacks, there remains hope for a revival once the weather clears.

  1. Shimla tourism faced a double whammy amid heavy rains

Heavy rains have wreaked havoc on various aspects of life in Shimla. One of the severely affected sectors is tourism. This beautiful city, which is known for its charm, is now witnessing deserted streets as tourists prefer to stay away.

  1. Tourism business and its importance in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has earned a global reputation as a tourism state, with tourism contributing 4.3 per cent to its GDP. The livelihood of many residents is dependent on the tourism business. Unfortunately, recent heavy rains have dealt a severe blow to the region, leading to a significant drop in tourist attendance.

  1. Shopkeepers struggling to cope with drop in tourist arrivals

The dwindling number of tourists has created a difficult situation for the tourism businessmen in Shimla. Shopkeepers in prime locations like Ridge Maidan Mall Road, Lower Bazaar and Lakkar Bazaar are facing the brunt of this decline. The situation is reminiscent of the struggles experienced during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Just as the tourism business was slowly recovering, heavy rains have disrupted it once again.

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  1. Waiting game for shopkeepers, horse handlers and photographers

Shopkeepers at Shimla’s Lakkar Bazaar spend the whole day waiting for customers who rarely come. The same fate befell the horse handlers and photographers dependent on the influx of tourists. The increasing use of smartphones had already affected the work of photographers and the heavy rains have only worsened the situation. Even horse handlers struggle to meet the cost of feeding their horses.

  1. Forecasting of severe weather and its impact on tourism

According to the Shimla Meteorological Department, the inclement weather is likely to continue till July 25 with continuous rains in the higher reaches of the state. The tourism business in Shimla has been dealt a severe blow, revealing the magnitude of the devastation following the rains. Although the city has not suffered significant damage, the tourism industry has already collapsed.

  1. Revival Hope

Despite the current challenges, tourism businessmen are hopeful that once the weather clears up, the tourism industry will gradually recover and get back on track. Shimla’s allure as the “Queen of Hills” will once again attract tourists when conditions improve.

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