Unmissable Pokemon GO Events September 2023: Community Day Classic Spotlight Featuring Charmander

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Pokemon Go Events September 2023: In an exciting revelation, Niantic has unveiled that the spotlight for the Pokemon GO Community Day Classic in September 2023 will shine brightly on Charmander, the revered Lizard Pokemon. With its evocative evolution into Charizard, Charmander holds a special place in the hearts of trainers worldwide. Prepare to embark on an adventure to capture a myriad of Charmander as the event unfolds later this week.

Unveiling the Date and Time Pokemon Go Events September 2023

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Pokemon GO Community Day Classic, scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 2, 2023. The festivities will kick off at 2 pm local time and conclude at 5 pm local time. During this enchanting window, trainers will find themselves crossing paths with Charmander more frequently as it roams the wild.

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Pokemon GO Events September 2023: Upcoming Community Days – September to November 2023

Explore the scheduled Pokemon go Events September 2023 Community Days from September to November 2023. Mark your calendars for exciting events featuring rare Pokemon and exclusive bonuses.

Pokemon GO Events September 2023 to November 2023 Dates

Saturday, September 2Community Day Classic
Saturday, September 23Community Day
Sunday, October 15Community Day
Sunday, November 5Community Day
Saturday, November 25Community Day Classic
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pokemon go events september 2023 

Pokemon Go Events September 2023 Community Day Classic: Charmander

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Mastering Charmander’s Exclusive Moves

The highlight of this event lies in Charmander’s featured attacks. For those who evolve their Charmeleon (which can be achieved by utilizing 25 Charmander Candy) during the Community Day Classic event or within two hours afterward, a powerful Charizard awaits. This Charizard will possess the coveted Fast Attack, Dragon Breath, and the Charged Attack, Blast Burn.

  • Dragon Breath:
    • Trainers Battles: 4 power
    • Gyms and raids: 6 power
  • Blast Burn:
    • Trainers Battles: 110 power
    • Gyms and raids: 110 power

Embracing Event Bonuses

Engaging in the Charmander Community Day Classic celebration comes with delightful bonuses:

  • Earn 3× Stardust for capturing Pokemon.
  • Experience extended durations for Lure Modules, spanning three hours each.
  • Activate Incense (excluding Daily Adventure Incense) and enjoy a prolonged three-hour effect.
  • Capture snapshots during the Community Day Classic to unravel surprises!

Immersing in Special Research and Field Tasks

As with previous Community Day events, trainers can seize the opportunity to embark on an event-exclusive Special Research questline. For the cost of $1 USD (or its equivalent in local currency), the ticket will unlock a remarkable adventure. Trainers can even choose to gift this ticket to their friends, spreading the excitement.

The celebration will be augmented by event-themed Field Research tasks. Completing these tasks will yield rewards ranging from Stardust and Great Balls to Charizard Mega Energy and a chance to encounter a shiny Charmander. There’s plenty more in store to enhance your Community Day Classic experience.

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Seizing the Timed Research Opportunity

Participate in a complimentary Timed Research segment, accessible from 2 pm local time to 5 pm local time during the upcoming Community Day Classic event. Completion of these research tasks will grant trainers Charizard Mega Energy and valuable XP, ensuring that the journey is both rewarding and exhilarating.

Pursuing Shiny Wonders: Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard

Trainers within Niantic’s captivating augmented reality realm await the revelation of exclusive shiny variants with bated breath. Fortunately, the September 2023 Community Day Classic promises the chance to encounter Shiny Charmander. This delightful opportunity opens the door to capturing the illustrious Shiny Charmander, evolving it into Shiny Charmeleon, and ultimately claiming the esteemed Shiny Charizard with its striking black-hued form. Don’t let this lucrative opportunity slip through your fingers; join the quest to embrace the unique allure of Shiny Charmander and its evolutions.

Pokemon GO Events September to November 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

(FAQ) – Charmander Community Day Classic

Q1: When is the Charmander Community Day Classic event taking place?

A1: The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 2, 2023, from 2 pm to 5 pm local time.

Q2: What special moves does Charizard have during this event?

A2: Evolving Charmeleon during the event or within two hours afterward grants Charizard with Fast Attack Dragon Breath and Charged Attack Blast Burn.

Q3: What are the event bonuses?

A3: Players can enjoy bonuses such as 3× Stardust, extended Lure Modules, and extended Incense effects during the event.

Q4: How can I access the Special Research questline?

A4: You can purchase an event-exclusive Special Research questline ticket for $1 USD from the in-game shop. You can also gift this ticket to friends.

Q5: What rewards can I earn from event-themed Field Research tasks?

A5: Completing Field Research tasks can earn you rewards like Stardust, Great Balls, Charizard Mega Energy, and a chance to encounter a shiny Charmander.

Q6: Is there a free Timed Research available?

A6: Yes, a free Timed Research segment will be accessible from 2 pm to 5 pm local time during the event, offering Charizard Mega Energy and XP as rewards.

Q7: Will there be Shiny Charmander available during the event?

A7: Yes, the event offers the chance to encounter Shiny Charmander, providing an opportunity to evolve it into Shiny Charmeleon and Shiny Charizard.

Q8: How can I maximize my Shiny Charmander evolution chances?

A8: To increase your chances, catch Shiny Charmander during the event and evolve it into Shiny Charmeleon and Shiny Charizard.

Q9: Can I transfer the event-exclusive Special Research ticket?

A9: Yes, you can gift the event-exclusive Special Research ticket to your friends, allowing them to enjoy the questline as well.

Q10: Are the exclusive moves permanent for Charizard?

A10: Yes, if you evolve Charmeleon during the event or within two hours afterward, the Charizard with exclusive moves will be a permanent addition to your collection.

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